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Healing Equine Athletes
  • Drug Free & Non Invasive
  • Relief of Pain & Inflammation
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Increased Oxygen to
    the Tissues


horseScience has proven that all living cells are electrical in nature. Each cell has apositive electrical charge at it's nucleus and a negative charge on it's outer membrane. This positive/negative polarization is what makes each cell function properly. When tissues become damaged, blood flow can be restricted, thus limiting the oxygen and nutrient supply. Stimulating damaged or injured tissues with magnetic fields increases the blood flow to promote faster healing and also helps alleviate pain in those areas.


Betty Roper - Oktaha, OK

6 Time IFRA Champion
2 Time CRRA Champion
5 Time Senior Pro Rodeo Assoc Champion
Longhorn Rodeo Finals Champion

Jaylie Roper - Oktaha, OK

CRRA Champion
CRRA Rookie
NYRA Champion Barrel Racer
NYRA Champion Pole Bender
Palomino Jr. World Champion

Jimmy Roper - Oktaha, OK

5 Time SPRA Champion
IFR Champion
CSCA Champion